Sani System BUSINESS

Steam sanitisation appliance, ideal for all surfaces in dental practices, beauty centers, hotels, spa centers, domestic use etc.

Code PTEU0303

Sani System EXPRESS

Patented Superheated Chamber technology for superheated dry saturated steam at the outlet at a temperature up to 180°C. Easy and comfortable to use, light, simple and ergonomic.

Code PTEU0302

Sani System PRO

Professional appliance for frequent sanitization of large rooms

Code PTEU0301

Sani System CHECK

Patented steam sanitisation appliance with electronic system to certify the effective execution of the disinfection activity

Code PTEU0300

Polti Vaporetto 3 Clean

A 3-in-1 home cleaner: vacuum and sanitize all floors and washable surfaces with the vacuum steam mop

Code PV3C

Mondial VAP Special Top

Multipurpose steam generator for offices and small spaces

Code PVEU0025

Mondial VAP Special Cleaner

Professional steam generator with suction and washing function

Code PVEU0034

Mondial VAP 4500

Multipurpose professional steam generator ideal for hotel rooms

Code PVEU0062

Mondial VAP 6000

Professional steam generator ideal for large surfaces

Code PVEU0045


Disinfestation from bed bugs and disinfection against viruses, germs and bacteria. Ideal for hotels and other accommodation facilities

Code PTEU0234


WLF Ltd. is a business service company, supplier and distributor of hospital furniture and medical devices.

We provide in Bulgaria products from leading Italian manufacturers of medical equipment for hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Highest quality and reliability of the products guarantee our customers perfect investment efficiency.


Complex supplies of medical equipment and furniture to hospitals and private clinics. Sale of medical furniture.


Hospital beds
Hospital stretchers
Blood donor and therapy armchairs
Specialized examination couches
Pediatric beds and cribs
Multifunctional trolleys
Pharmacy storage and transport
Devices for hygiene - cleaning - disinfection - pest control