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Sani System PRO

Code: PTEU0301
Dimension (L x W x H) : 47 x 45 x 90.5 cm

POLTI SANI SYSTEM PRO is an appliance for steam disin­fection of all surfaces, fabrics and objects.

Designed and built entirely in Italy.

Thanks to the patented Superheated Chamber techno­logy, the superheated saturated dry steam up to 180°C of Polti Sani System Pro in combination with the HPMed detergent (adjuvant for the sanitizing action) kills up to 99.999%* of viruses, germs, bacteria and fungi and therefore reduces the risk of infections.

The unique feature of Polti Sani System Pro is the steam, almost completely free of liquid particles, that is emit­ted in a diffuse manner in the form of a cloud, wrapping the surfaces to be sanitized without wetting them and al­lowing rapid evaporation. Disinfection takes place without contact because the steam is delivered from a distance of about 10 cm. Polti Sani System Pro can be used on all sur­faces, fabrics and objects and can be directed to even the most difficult corners.

The modern design of the dispenser ensures easy and comfortable use, even when repeated over time, thanks to the lightness, easy handling and the ergonomic handle. In addition, the reinforced transport system of wheels and frame, combined with the stainless-steel handle and side bars, makes moving the appliance easy.


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