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Code: ART. 18.92
Dimension (L x W x H) : 40-45 x 99 x 84-96 cm

RAMPEGA® AND DRIVE is substantially an electronic wheelchair which operates with an additional electronic controller. The seating can be lowered until 40 cm from the floor. The footrests are revolving and detachable, the armrests are adjustable in height and can be lowered until the same level of the seat. Due to the forwards positioning of the upper part it can come into a medium size car and replace the drive seating, provided the user is enabled to drive a vehicle. It is equipped with locking systems, automatic and manual, which lock the aid when RAMPEGA® is arranged on the drive place (Optional accessory). The seating adjustment of RAMPEGA® from cm 40 to cm 58 offers many advantages: for a perfect visibility from inside a vehicle; approaching tables, writing desks, sinks etc.; to simplify the side transfers to the bed, to the armchair, to the W.C.

With RAMPEGA® you enter vehicles by lifters, runners or platforms. Available with seating of 40 and 45 cm. Load capacity of user until 120 kg.


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