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Code: ART. 10.73
Dimension (L x W x H) : 100 x 105 x 94-134 cm

This aid is a class 1 medical device. Aid intended for people with disabling pathologies who are not self-sufficient in walking. Aid intended for lifting and transferring a single person. Very versatile product that lends itself very well to use for moving to and from beds, wheelchairs, armchairs, cars, toilets and bidets.

The structure of the lift is built in high-strength aluminium profiles and painted with epoxy powders. Easily foldable structure for storage or transport, ideal for travellers. The dimensions of the lift are contained and allow the passage of the aid through standard-sized doors. The aid is equipped with a removable seat equipped with a safety lock and a hole for evacuation or personal hygiene above which the easily removable waterproof padding with a rigid bottom can be positioned which offers a comfortable seat even for long uses. Removable backrest to allow access to the aid in water-repellent fabric with shoulder straps and covering in padded material, adjustable in tension to contain the trunk. Large folding footrest platform. Upper support surface. The vertical movement is operated by an actuator at the base integrated into the structure of the column, the sliding occurs using highly smooth rolling bearings. The electric actuator is powered by low voltage 24V DC, lithium batteries, charging plug and separate battery charger included. Load capacity 120 kg.


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