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  • compact-activity-electrical-lifter-small-1
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Code: ART. 10.77CSN150/200
Dimension (L x W x H) : 104 x 60 x 110-182 cm

The Compact Activity Lifter has been designed to meet the needs of use, safety, flexibility and comfort which are requested by the daily use of such products. The components as the lifting arm adjustable in depth, the column adjustable in height and the slings adjustable, allow to make the

lifting operations in full safety and harmony with the anthropometric features of the user. The adjustable footplates, the adjustable knee restrain and adjustable corset slings, allow to make the

verticalizing in full safety and harmony with the anthropometric features of the user.

Equipped with corset slings with adjusting rings; alternatively, different sizes are available to suit different body sizes. Equipped with automatic charger.

The reduced dimensions allow the passage on narrow passages and the full control by the assistants.

The legs of the base, equipped with sturdy twin wheels (2 with foot brake), can be opened by lever for easy frontal access to wheelchairs or other in full stability and safety. The movement of the arm is is carried out by the electric actuator with telecommand with extensible cable. Control box with emergency switch and removable batteries. Possibility to insert all the models of slings.



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