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Code: AT4046
Dimension (L x W x H) : 199 x 71 x 67-97 cm

The GIVAS AT4046 series of therapy beds offers highly versatile professional beds, suitable for all types of medical and aesthetic treatment, therapy and massage.

The adjustment of the head section and the variable height allow to choose the most suitable positions for the treatment and the needs of the patient, ensuring comfort and safety.

Furthermore, the simple system for adjusting the sections represents an additional guarantee of functionality and efficiency for the healthcare and medical staff.


The structure is made of welded and epoxy powder coated steel tubing, resistant to scratches and accidental impacts.


The base is height adjustable by means of an hydraulic pump with pedal control and is equipped with non-slip tips on request can be supplied with 4 wheels with brake.

The lifting system is of the cross-type sliding on nylon skates, equipped with safety spacers to avoid scissor points.

The dimensions of the compasses are such as to guarantee a remarkable stability strength to perform any type of therapy.

The head section is adjustable with a semi-automatic rack. The bed surface is padded with soft expanded polyurethane, to adapt anatomically to the patient's body and posture. The external covering of the cushions is made of fireproof certified plastic in class 1 IM and easily sanitized, without seams.


  • Wheels with brake, diameter 125 mm
  • Element with face hole for therapy bed
  • Paper support


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