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Code: AV4114
Dimension (L x W x H) : 180 x 60 x 70-100 cm

Visit and first aid couch of comfortable dimensions which give a feeling of safety and stability. Provided with height adjustment and Trendelenburg movement which, together with backrest adjustment, are operated by 3 electric motors all connected to a central link.

Free hand control for operator.

Carefully selected materials and the absence of seams simplify disinfection and maintenance procedures done by health care operators. It is composed by a frame that supports up the couch, complete with all the joints for movement, and a base made of epoxy coated steel which include resins of polyester INTERPON 700AB.

The basement is made of varnished steel, with an extended base provided with adjustable feet and a central column that contains the electric motors and the central link.

The basement is covered with a carter made of thermoformed ABS.

The upper part of the couch is composed by a frame made of stainless steel for the lying part, complete of all movements joints.

The lying parts are padded with foam-rubber to follow the anatomic body shape.


The movements of trendelenburg and of inclination of the back rest, are made by three electric motors conducted by an ergonomic push button panel. Removable legrest to be inclined in two positions to help the operator while visiting while maintaining the maximum comfort.


  • support for paper roll
  • adjustable handles made of soft polyurethane, usable as containment side-rails
  • adjustable height IV pole with 2 hooks
  • couple of foot supports
  • couple of thigh supports made of soft polyurethane, adjustable in all directions through a chromed junction.
  • supplementary foot electric control for the adjustment of the bed height


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