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Code: AV4100
Dimension (L x W x H) : 197.5 x 86 x 50-90 cm

Examining table completely designed and built to handle overweight patients (until 320 Kg), ensuring optimum working conditions and high comfort during treatments.

Carefully selected materials and the absence of seams simplify disinfection and maintenance procedures done by health care operators. It is composed by a frame that supports up the bed, complete with all the joints for movement, and a base made of epoxy coated steel which include resins of polyester INTERPON 700AB. Such resins guarantee high protection standards and, above all, they offer an high level of resistance during cleaning and disinfecting operations.


Height adjustment thanks to electric actuators 24 V which move the compass, that allow also trendelenburg movement (14°) and reverse trendelenburg (13°).

  • two motors for lifting of the frame e the positions of trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg.
  • One motor for backrest movement

The backrest is electrically controlled by a mobile keypad with low voltage, with graphics explaining the movements of backrest, adjustable height, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg.

  • height regulation from 480 to 880 mm
  • trendelenburg regulation from 0° to 14°
  • Reverse trendelenburg from 0° to 13°
  • Backrest regulation from 0° to 75°


Compass side-rails, complete with aluminium clamps

  • Paper roll support mounted on the bed base, with support made of chrome steel
  • Height adjustable I.V. stand with two hooks made of chrome steel


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