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  • PS445-AL-BA

PRESTO Medium Trolley – 5 drawers with overbridge and accessories

Code: PS445-AL-BA
Dimension (L x W x H) : 662 x 594 x 1800 mm


A light structure

PS445-AL-BA coloursAssembled structure with extruded anodized aluminium angulars and lateral and back walls in aluminium-polyehylene-aluminium multilayer panels available in 4 colours: white, grey, electric-green and electric-blue.

Worktop in ABS moulded plastic, with three sides rim h. 48 mm and frontal anti-drop small rim.

Ergonomic push-handle on three sides with rounded edges.

  • Lateral extendable working surface in injection moulded ABS plastic.

Frontal place for drawers, 9 modules space.

Drawers 417x470 mm in injection moulded ABS plastic, high robust construction; frontal full-width handle complete with wide label holder and coloured ID tag (available in 9 colours: red, green, yellow, blue, violet, grey, orange, pink and white)

Drawers on mauve plastic frame sliding on ball-bearing rails, full-extended with self-closing system; load capacity 45 kg each drawer.

Drawers configuration:

  • 2 x drawers H 76 mm
  • 2 x drawers H 156 mm
  • 1 x drawers H 236 mm

Left side: 2 transparent plastic tilt-out bins, opening 30° + small shelf, removable for cleaning operations

Right side two height adjustable rails with:

  • WALLY waste container with knee-opening system, with extractable internal bin – 8 Litres
  • Catheter basket, in wire stainless steel with double opening for short and log catheters / probes

Overbridge in stainless steel with 2 horizontal height adjustable rails, complete with:

  • 11 tilt-out bins on two rows, 5 big and 6 small

Central key-lock system for all drawers

4 wheels Ø 125 mm, swivelling, non marking, anti thread with double ball-bearing, 2 with brakes.

Dim.: 662x594x1015 H mm

Load capacity 300 kg


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