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Slim stretcher 4 sections height adjustment on columns - 5th wheel - retractable handles - compass sides vertical movement

Code: BE3211
Dimension (L x W x H) : 213 x 83 x 56-88 cm

The stretchers of the SLIM series were born from an in-depth research on functions, ergonomics and specific needs required in different clinical situations. The possibility of adjusting the height facilitates the movement of the patient from any hospital condition to a diagnostic device and vice versa. Guarantees of high quality and efficiency are lightness in movements, simplicity and speed in cleaning operations, but at the same time a robust construction.


The structure is painted with epoxy powders particularly suitable for this type of article given the high mechanical resistance, the excellent protection against corrosion and the chemical agents used in hospitals for sanitation and maintenance.


Height through hydraulic system with two independent telescopic columns, hermetic with IPX4 protection degree, activated by bilateral pedals positioned on the base. By acting on the single pedal, the Trendelenburg and Counter-Trendelenburg adjustments are carried out.

The backrest is moved by means of a double gas piston, operated by a single lever located on the entire perimeter of the head side, the pelvis section is fixed to avoid abdominal compressions, the leg section is operated by bilateral levers assisted in the movements by gas springs, while the movements of the foot section are operated by a double semiautomatic rack with six positions. The foot section is also equipped with two mattress rails.


The stretcher is equipped as standard with side bumper bars made of epoxy powder coated steel tube, with an oval section, complete with hooks at the ends fixed to the perimeter joints. The bars are protected by bumpers in soft non-marking plastic material along the entire length.


On the head and foot side there is an ABS finishing cover equipped with:

  • 4 non-marking rubber bumper wheels Ø 100 mm at the 4 corners;
  • 4 compasses for housing the IV pole and / or any accessories at the 4 corners.


The lying surface has four sections. The sections are in radiolucent HPL plastic laminate sp. 10 mm

Totally radiolucent table, prepared for scans both with "C"-arc equipment and with traditional systems. Presence of lower guides along the entire length of the surface, for housing and sliding the plate holder box.


The stretcher is equipped with completely retractable sides with a vertical cushioned fall movement, which can be raised and lowered easily without creating clutter. They can be raised / lowered with one hand by a single operator: the slow fall is cushioned to avoid trauma and crushing of the fingers. The sides are also equipped with handles in soft anti-shock polyurethane, which can be completely hidden flush with the bed base.

They are secured in the raised position by a safety coupling system, which can be quickly operated to lower the side to allow for any emergency interventions.


The base and the columns are protected by an integral cover in thermoformed plastic material, easy to clean and with a pleasant design in which there is a double housing for 3/7/10 liter oxygen cylinders with fastening straps and a storage compartment / clothing.

The carter is complete with finishing stickers and for the recognition of the control pedals.

The THERMOFORMED ABS protection is decorated with colored stickers as standard.

The base must be completed by four wheels (one of which directional) of Ø 200 mm rotating on ball bearings, made of non-marking plastic material with plastic shell, two of which are antistatic (BT0015), or by four wheels with fifth wheel ( BT0019).

The 4 wheels are locked simultaneously and obtained by means of bilateral pedals placed at the 4 corners of the base.


  • pairs of containment sides with vertical compass with semi-automatic coupling (length: 1425 mm);
  • patient stop safety belt;
  • anchoring with velcro for fixing the mattress to the top;
  • guides for inserting the plate holder box along the entire length;
  • side bumper bars;
  • 4 rubber bumper wheels;
  • presence of spirit level to indicate Trendelenburg / Counter-Trendelenburg inclination degrees.


All coating materials are treated with Biomaster 999 antimicrobials.

All the structures painted with thermosetting powders are protected by a mixture of epoxy resins, polyester resins with the addition of Biomaster 999 antimicrobial additive which guarantees a specific sanitizing and disinfecting activity of the surfaces. From precise tests carried out by IMSL MICROBIOLOGICAL SERVICES LTD, these paints were found to have a high bactericidal action, equivalent in percentage: Staphylococcus aureus 99.9%, escherichiacoli


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