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2-section stretchers on columns with adjustable height and Trendelenburg

Code: BA1111
Dimension (L x W x H) : 213 x 83 x 56-88 cm

The stretchers of the SLIM series have been studied and projected to answer to the needs connected to the first aid and the movement in the hospital wards. The adjustable height allows to transfer easily the patient from any room to a diagnostic device, and viceversa.

Light to move and easy and quick to clean: this means high quality and efficiency.


The structure is made of high thickness steel tubes, with rounded corners, bent in wide bending radius. It is varnished with epoxy powders which are especially suited for this kind of item thanks to their high mechanical resistance and the great protection against corrosion and the chemical agents used in hospitals for sanitization and maintenance operations.


The stretcher is equipped with lateral bumper bars made of oval section steel tubes varnished with epoxy powders. Hooks are placed on the outer joints of the stretcher. Bars are protected along their whole length by bumpers made of soft non-marking plastic material.


The lying surface is divided into 2 sections made of plastic, radiotransparent 10 mm-thick HPL laminate, which are fixed to the lower frame by means of self-locking screws which disappear inside the frame. The four corners - covered with ABS carter - are equipped with:

  • Ø 100 mm bumper wheels made in non-marking rubber,
  • supports for accessories (listed in the catalog).
  • WORKING AREA L 2000 / D 700mm

An image intensifier can be placed on either side of the stretcher.


The adjustable height is regulated by two columns moved with oil pumps. The height adjustment and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg movements are activated by two bilateral pedals. The backrest section is moved through a single lever on the head side. The pelvis/foot section is fixed and the mattress is blocked by two steel railings on the foot side.


The base and the columns are protected by a carter made of thermoformed plastic material which is easy to clean; the design is also aesthetically appealing and allows to place two 3/7 litre oxygen tanks tight with belts and one case for clothes or various objects.

The base is completed with four wheels Ø 200 mm swiveling on balls bearings, one of them is directional. The wheels are made of non-marking material with plastic body, two of them antistatic


  • 2 compass side rails with semi-automatic hook (length: 1425 mm);
  • safety belts;
  • runners for X-ray cassette;
  • lateral bumper bars.
  • 5th wheel


  • push handles;
  • closed push handle;
  • retractable push handles;
  • foot panel as shelf for monitor.


  • Total area L 213 / D 83 / H 55-90 cm
  • Lying surface L 190 / D 65 cm
  • Backrest incline 90°
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg (+/- 16°).
  • Safe working load 300 kg
  • Patient weight 255 kg
  • Height from the floor 110 mm

Made in compliance with Directive 93/42/EEC of 14/06/1993 regarding medical devices.

Class I.


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