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Code: VWN0S2LA
Dimension (L x W x H) : 223 x 100 x 40-77.5 cm

The new VEGA-W is meant for weighing patients with temporary or permanent disability, within/at the doctor's office, with the aim of diagnosing, treating and monitoring an adult patient* under the close supervision of medical staff.

The bed is equipped with a weighing system integrated into the structure; it is composed of four weight sensors (certified load cells) placed at the four corners, thus ensuring the exact weight measurement in any position the lying surface and the patient may be.

The weight viewer allows to constantly monitor the patient, throughout the treatment.

The display position can be chosen by the user, as it does not occupy any more space than the bed.

The 5-digit red-colored display (height of 2 cm) can be read from a distance;

Anti-blackout battery that allows autonomy and perfect functionality even in the absence of electricity (10-hour autonomy).

Weighing scale capacity: 200 kg

Scale precision: 50/100g

Night hours are the most delicate time of the day for healthcare operators as they must ensure total safety for the patients.

Wrong height and section incline adjustments are the main causes for accidental falling of patients when getting out of the bed.

VEGA-W changes all of that: just one look is enough to know if the bed is in the safest night position.

In SAFE MODE a GREEN LED light placed under the bed casts a light beam on the floor that lets the operator know if the bed is in the right position.

If not, the light beam is RED.


VEGA-W casts a GREEN light beam when:

  • the lying surface is completely flat
  • the bed is at its minimum height 

If one of these settings is not complied with, then the RED light will be automatically activated.

Reliability in any situation

A large lying surface is the necessary starting point for offering top comfort to patients. The ABS surface has been carefully designed so as to be corner-free, with soft lines and ventilation ducts that guarantee proper aeration to the mattress, thus avoiding any dangerous and annoying inconvenience for the patients.

An integrated system fastens the mattress in six different spots: this prevents any misalignments between the ABS surface and the mattress when the bed is moved.

Thanks to the varnish with epoxy powders and plastic coverings mixed with additive, the VEGA-W bed is highly protected against bacteria.

Its surfaces are seamless and without fixing screws, therefore they can be quickly and efficiently sanitized.

Furthermore, it is equipped with big and sliding wheels and with a balanced structure that allow the operator to push the bed with less effort than usual.

It is also possible to add a 5th optional wheel that increases its manoeuvrability even with sharp bends.



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