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Code: JA1M1111
Dimension (L x W x H) : 221.5 x 100 x 44.5-84.5 cm


The structure has a 4-section plane (3 articulated and 1 central fixed) with variable height, supported by two vertical motorized telescopic systems with a rectangular section.

The solid base is in tubular steel painted with epoxy powders with antibacterial additives, fitted at the two ends of the wheel controls and with a thermoformed ABS cover.


Each section of the top is made entirely of removable thermoformed ABS and rests on a perimeter frame in oval-section painted steel.

The bearing structure of the ABS section is shaped with ribs without any inferior metal reinforcement, to ensure RADIOTRANSPARENCY and maximum ACCESSIBILITY to cleaning.

The top is complete with sloping holes for drainage of liquids and recesses for continuous ventilation, moreover the top is equipped with 4 lateral handles firm mattress and one side head.


The back and femoral sections are electrically controlled by fixed push-button panels placed on the backrest half-panels, or by a back-lit spiral push-button panel, while the leg section is regulated by manual control with a gas pump, the femoral section is automatically raised during the lifting phase , thus preventing the negative rotation of the knee.

The bed is lifted using 24 V ELECTRIC ACTUATORS that operate 2 telescopic systems, which allow Trendelenburg (17 °) and Controtrendelenburg (17 °) movements.

The backrest and the femoral section of the net bed automatically retract (110 + 40 mm) during rotation (TRANSLATION) to reduce the compression of the chest / pelvis area by limiting the formation of bedsores.

The backrest, during the rototranslation, is 70 mm long.

The basin section is fixed to prevent the diaphragm from being crushed in the position of maximum inclination of the sectors.

It is possible to configure the bed in the "armchair" position to counteract complications and inconveniences due to prolonged immobility of the patient.


The bed is lifted using 24 V ELECTRIC ACTUATORS that operate 2 telescopic systems, which allow Trendelenburg (17 °) and Controtrendelenburg (17 °) movements.

Safe working load 250 kg.

Lying surface adjustment: from 44.5 cm to 84.5 cm.


The four-sided sides are positioned on the backrest sections (following the movements of the net plane) and femoral.

Every single sector of the 4 half-rings is made of medium density POLYETHYLENE and in one piece, the result of excellent mechanical properties, is stabilized for UV and is gray like the painting of the frame of the beds.

Equipped with colored exterior adhesive decoration.


The bed is equipped as standard with:

  • 4 half-feet with inclination indicator, the 2 half-backrest area are equipped with fixed push-button panels with buttons for adjusting the backrest, the femoral and the height;
  • removable ABS shelves with a mattress stopper;
  • amortized drop-down command;
  • backrest release (CPR), amortized, by means of bilateral levers located under the basin sector;
  • integrated door and ACO door;
  • backlit spiral button panel with the following functions: height variation - back variation - femoral variation; Autocontour; controtrendelenburg and night light;
  • foot-side ACO control with the following functions:
  1. programmed and always active, by pressing a single button: CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation, emergency Trendelenburg, COMFORT position;
  2. single, by pressing two keys with the possibility of inhibiting those present in the wired panel: height variation, backrest variation, femoral variation, trendelenburg and controtrendelenburg variation, automatic variation; Patient command block.
  • autoregressione and raising of the backrest;
  • gas leg control;
  • 4-sided bumpers;
  • night light;
  • integrated rechargeable battery;
  • control unit with acoustic alarm for malfunctioning and / or brakes disconnection;
  • 4 receptacles for I.V. pole / lifting pole;
  • integrated bed extension: 285 mm;
  • cable reel support made of steel rod fixed under the headboard

Weight 190 kg. HYGIENE

The maintenance and sanitation operations are made more efficient and practical by the simple removal and modularity of the constituent elements of the product.

Total drainage free from stagnating liquids, easy access to all surfaces. All coating materials are treated with Biomaster 999 antimicrobials.

All the structures painted with thermosetting powders are protected by a mixture of epoxy resins, of polyester resins with the addition of Biomaster 999 antimicrobial additive, which guarantees a specific sanitizing and disinfecting activity on the surfaces. From precise tests performed by IMSL MICROBIOLOGICAL SERVICES LTD, such paintings were found to have a high bactericidal action, equivalent in percentage: Staphylococcus aureus 99.9%, escherichiacoli 90.8%, pseudomonas aeruginosa 92.4%.

These particular characteristics facilitate disinfection operations and guarantee maximum asepsis.


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