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Code: FXC4U5LA110
Dimension (L x W x H) : 220 x 100 x 38.5-91.5 cm


The structure has a 4-section plane (3 articulated and 1 central fixed) with variable height, a pair of independent compasses in painted steel connected to a lower basement.

The control devices have been designed to facilitate assistance operators in their activities and act promptly by operating emergency positions such as Trendelenburg and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Reanimation).


  • backrest self-regression 7 cm
  • femoral auto-regression 3 cm
  • calf-femoral joint with stop to avoid negative rotation of the knee
  • equipotential node
  • receptacles at head end for I.V. stand and lifting pole
  • emergency rechargeable battery
  • Electric CPR


The perimeter frames of the 4-sector lying surface are made of steel tube with rounded corners and wide perimeter radiuses of curvature, complete with safety hinges with nylon pivot.

The weldings are performed according to the UNI ISO 6761 standards.

The coatings are epoxy-polyester powder to guarantee durability, an excellent surface finish and to facilitate cleaning and disinfection.

All the painted and / or chromed components are subjected to a series of treatments according to the UNI-ISO 2178 and DIN-ISO 15210 standards.

The intermediate frame is re-entrant to the network plan and supports:

  • the movement mechanisms of the individual sectors
  • the grafts of the head/foot boards
  • the 4 compass-mounted steel coupling systems for variation in height and Trendelenburg
  • 2 receptacles (head end) for the I.V. stand and lifting pole
  • frame base for the 4 swivel wheels


The base is made of profiles in painted steel tube shaped to the laser to form a rectangular structure that supports the wheels and the brake controls.

The side members are complete with connecting pins for the lifting compasses and connecting braces, the crosspieces are equipped with couplings for the braking system levers. The crosspieces are covered by thermoformed ABS casing which, in addition to embellishing the base, transform the profile making it rounded and without sharp edges. Space for hoist: 150 mm.


The lifting system consists of two pairs of leverages made of 8 mm laser-cut metal sheet and a pair of connecting braces to the base. The pairs of compasses are joined together by a thick rectangular steel tube to guarantee rigidity and strength to the finished structure. The compasses are connected to each other by means of fixing pins complete with bushes in self-lubricating material with spacer that prevents rubbing. They guarantee stability even at maximum height.


The back and femoral sections are electrically controlled by dedicated controls, while the calf section is adjusted by means of a double six-position semi-automatic rack. During the lifting motion of the calf section, the femoral section lifts automatically, thus preventing negative rotation of the knee.

The basin section is fixed to prevent the diaphragm from being crushed in the position of maximum inclination of the sectors.

The lifting of the bed takes place through dedicated controls that activate the 24 V ELECTRIC ACTUATORS connected to the compasses, which also allow Trendelenburg (17°) and Controtrendelenburg (17°) movements.


The rechargeable emergency battery allows movement of the joints and the riser in the event of a direct power failure for 2 hours.


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