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Code: AV4028
Dimension (L x W x H) : 185 x 60 x 78-160 cm

Gynaecological couch, fixed height, very handy thanks to its ergonomics.

Adjustable backrest with semiautomatic racks, maximum slope 70°, fixed pelvis section.

Removable foot rest with 2 positions: vertical or horizontal; the central hollow allows the extraction of the basin placed under the seat section.

The structure is composed by legs made of chromed tubular steel, connected to the main frame through melting of alloy.

The main frame support the lying area, the couple of racks, the basin support and the clamps for the thighs supports.

The lying area are made of laminated panels, padded and upholstered of plastic, waterproof fabric.

The seals of the upholstering are double against tears.

Equipped with

  • stainless steel basin, extractable and detachable
  • adjustable ABS thighs supports, fixed through lateral clamps, adjustable in height


  • Cover for thighs support made of soft polyurethane with steel inner support
  • I. V. stand with two hooks made of chromed steel with clamp for height adjustment, to be hooked on lateral profiles
  • Couple of lateral profiles for coupling of all accessories
  • Paper roll support mounted on the bed base, with support made of chromed steel
  • Adjustable handles made of soft integral polyurethane, usable as small siderails


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