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Code: AP4197
Dimension (L x W x H) : 110 x 83 x 59-144 cm

The AP4197 sampling and therapy chair has been designed to be inserted in ambulatory and hospital environments to facilitate the various therapeutic treatments.

The armchair offers an excellent ergonomic position thanks to a wraparound design of the backrest provided with lumbar support and an integrated anatomic headrest that can be adjusted in height.

The seat surface has lateral shapes useful for uniform discharge and distribution of the patient's weight; the padded leg rest is endowed with rototranslation to ensure maximum patient comfort in the horizontal position.

The arm rests are very comfortable because padded and covered in soft fabric and are adjustable, thanks to a special clamp, in height, inclination, extension.

Access to the chair is assured for every type of patient even with mobility problems.

The base ensures excellent stability and is complete with an elegant cover casing made of thermoformed ABS, which in addition to protecting dust and liquids from the handling devices is easily washable and sanitized.

It is equipped with rubber stabilizing feet (or retractable wheels that come into operation via a rear foot control - optional).

The control devices have been designed to facilitate operators in their activities and to operate and quickly reach the emergency positions of Trendelenburg and CPR (emergency quick release of the backrest).

Moreover, thanks to the position of Controtrendelenburg, it is possible to set the chair in the down position, in order to facilitate the patient's descent from the chair.


  • Emergency battery
  • Height adjustable IV pole made of chromed steel tube with 2 hooks
  • Stainless steel basin for I.V. stand
  • foot plastic cover
  • KIT of 3 castors with lock / unlock pedal
  • paper sheet holder


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