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Code: AP4300
Dimension (L x W x H) : 110-206 x 81 x 130-160 cm

New AP4300 is a 3-section armchair with electrical adjustments of the height, of the backrest and calf sections through a LCD display hand control that activate 5 independent actuators, simplifying the correct positioning of the patient for the social health workers.

Special padding in flexible high resilience polyurethane and Memory Foam with differentiated density and high resilience, guarantee excellent patient comfort even for long periods of stay.

The particular fire-retardant, water-repellent coating and the absence of perimeter seams guarantee a fast and practical sanification of the aid itself.

Through 4 buttons and an LCD display with intuitive icons, it is possible to adjust the AP4300 in any position, reducing the timing of urgent adjustments and favoring personalized comfort for the patient during long periods of time.

Managing movements through specific key pairs, implementing synchronized movements, is the safest, easiest and fastest way.

A multifunctional armchair, has many possibilities of movement, that's why the synchronized control for positions such as:

SEAT - COMFORT - VISIT - ANTISHOCK and TRENDELENBURG, are managed by the software through synchronized parameters, allowing the achievement of these positions automatically, facilitating the intervention of the health worker.

Compositional elements with a simple and functional design facilitate the timely intervention in case of urgency, and the arm of the new AP4300 is the result of our constructive policy.

Particular assembled structural elements, allow the personalized setting of the armrest in every required position, allowing a height, inclination, extensibility and rotation adjustment, favoring the total comfort of the patient and the full operability of the health worker.

The particular shape of the armrest of the new AP4300 guarantees stability of the armrest during intravenous administration or sampling, while the particular graduated joint allows horizontal rotation with an external radius of 90 ° for an ideal positioning that facilitates access/exit of the patient.

A special feature of the AP4300 armchairs is the possibility to have the patient access from the bi-lateral side and consequently help him/her to raise by using the comfortable armrests that offer a valid and ergonomic support, facilitating thus the work of the health workers as well.


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