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Code: AP4297
Dimension (L x W x H) : 81.8 x 105.4 x 58.8-138.5 cm

A new level for professionals.

Experience and passion, combined with technology and craftsmanship, have generated AP4297, a state-of-the-art armchair that once again certifies Givas quality.

Seamless, fireproof and antistatic upholstery, with special paddings that fit perfectly to the body shape of each patient, infuse optimal relaxation so as to facilitate any type of therapeutic treatment.

The chair is equipped with a backlit mobile hand control with 12 keys that, in addition to independently adjust the seat height, the backrest angle, the inclination of the leg rest or the Trendelenburg position, has 3 buttons that allow you to store your 3 favorite positions. It allows to simultaneously raise and tilt forward the seat, getting the patient in almost upright position, thus allowing a comfortable descent. In addition, it is equipped with bilateral electric foot control which allows the operator to vary the height with the simple pressure of the foot, according to the needs.

AP4297 is therefore ideal for use in clinic and hospital settings, with the double advantage of facilitating the various therapeutic treatments, while constantly guaranteeing maximum comfort to the patient, in the positions required by operational needs.


  • Rear paper roll holder, width 60 cm.
  • Rear push handle.
  • Single-color height adjustable headrest.
  • Bilateral foot control for height adjustment.
  • CPR (quick emergency release of the backrest for cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
  • Retractable castors for cleaning purposes.
  • Backlit hand control with special keys to store favorite positions.


  • Adjustable height I.V. stand made of chrome steel
  • Stainless steel basin for I.V.stand AP4299
  • Extra charge for double-color headrest
  • Plastic protection cover for leg rest


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