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Code: HC7205
Dimension (L x W x H) : 58 x 46 x 82 cm

DOUBLE is designed in every detail to provide maximum patient’s functionality and ergonomics for the healthcare professionals. Its one-piece structure is made of POLEASY a revolutionary material with an incredible lifetime performance, including smooth surfaces with perfectly aligned lines that facilitate sanitizing processes.


  1. Upper top with perimeter edge, for the containment of accidentally released liquids
  2. One-piece dual sided drawer with integrated handle and internal dividers
  3. Towel support integrated with the structure
  4. N° 2 bottle supports integrated with the structure
  5. Lower passing space with dual sided access through n° 2 doors with opening 180° and magnetic lock
  6. Mobile glove compartment
  7. Doors with integrated handles and magazines support
  8. Bottom with holes for air circulations and liquids drainage
  9. Bottom with holes made of varnished steel (optional)
  10. Carrier frame with DOUBLE-SIDE SYSTEM (only on Art. HC7205) for placing of serving tables on both sides (CI7020)
  11. Base with 4 twins castors Ø50mm with rubber tread and 2 with locking system


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